Fiona Apple — Fetch the Bolt Cutters
Waxahatchee — St. Cloud
Special Interest — The Passion Of
Still House Plants — Fast Edit
Irreversible Entanglements — Who Sent You?
Wendy Eisenberg — Auto
The Microphones — Microphones in 2020
Haim — Women in Music Pt. III
Half Waif — The Caretaker
No Home — Fucking Hell
Yves Tumor — Heaven to a Tortured Mind
Perfume Genius — Set My Heart on Fire Immediately
Ana Roxanne — Because of a Flower
Jyoti — Mama, You Can Bet!
Wednesday — I Was Trying to Describe You to Someone
Mary Lattimore — Silver Ladders
Moor Mother & billy woods — Brass
Porridge Radio — Every Bad
Deradoorian — Find the Sun
Midwife — Forever

Also: Bob Dylan — Rough and Rowdy Ways; claire rousay — it was always worth it; Bill Nace — Both; Greg Fox — Contact; Julianna Barwick — Healing Is a Miracle; Hayley Williams — Petals for Armor; Xylitol — I’m Pretty Sure I Would Know If Reality Were Fundamentally Different Than I Perceived It to Be


Fiona Apple — I Want You to Love Me
Waxahatchee — Fire
Special Interest — With Love
Angel Olsen — Whole New Mess
Half Waif — Ordinary Talk
Moor Mother & billy woods — Furies
Midwife — Anyone Can Play Guitar
Gillian Welch — I Only Cry When You Go
Frances Quinlan — Went to LA
Yves Tumor — Gospel for a New Century
Wendy Eisenberg — No Such Lack
Adrianne Lenker — Anything
Taylor Swift — Mirrorball
SZA — Hit Different
Coriky — Clean Kill
Lucinda Williams — Big Black Train
Susie Derkins — Gutless
Adulkt Life — New Curfew
Julianna Barwick — In Light
Sweeping Promises — Hunger for a Way Out

> some tunes 4 u <


“I drive and drive and drive and drive
And think so hard about the news
That I don’t know how I reach my destination”
—Wendy Eisenberg

“The blues remembers everything the country forgot”
—Moor Mother

“A B minus in this economy?”
—No Home

“Sitting in the dark
Dreaming up a song
Crying in my coffee
Doing it all wrong
Everybody knows, it's
Ordinary talk”
—Half Waif

“It’s every season where it is I’m going
I stretch my bones out on the floor
I think I’ll really do the change”
—Angel Olsen

“Anyone can play guitar
Anyone can tell a lie
Anyone can fall in love
I'm not coming back this time
You can't run for your whole life
With two truths and a lie“

“Real love don’t follow a straight line”

“I told you I didn’t want to come to this dinner”
—Fiona Apple

“The world is shit
I want a refund”

“Lucid the veil we see
The spirits they stand with thee
With passion aroused we call
For tomorrow the people take all”
—Special Interest


The bats and fireflies of Prospect Park

Stargazing on a deserted beach

Late-summer journey to the Coltrane home in Dix Hills

Charmaine Lee performance at the Red Hook waterfront

Milford Graves exhibit @ ICA Philadelphia

Thulani Davis’ Nothing But the Music

Ocean Voung “On Being” podcast

Elaine Kahn + Coco Gordon Moore reading at Poetry Project

Waking up one February morning in Kayla’s RV - Yucca Valley

Bernie Sanders virtual town halls

Sonya Sombreuil, “Rage Against the Machine”

Running to Hounds of Love under a full moon

Fiona Apple: “I was recording myself trying. I wasn’t practicing and then recording—I was recording myself while I was trying to get it right. But I liked the way it sounded when I was trying. It felt like a real documentation of what was going on. It felt more honest.”