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According to Perceptive Booksellers:

“Jenn Pelly’s book on The Raincoats’ 1979 self-titled debut album is an outstanding addition to the 33 1/3 series. Pelly deftly weaves sophisticated historical analysis and critical and cultural theory into her writing about this feminist punk band’s music and lifestyle in a way that is both accessible and effective. Her writing and structuring of the book even manages to embody the collage-like ‘Raincoats logic’ of the music itself. I can’t recommend this book (or this album) highly enough.” —Garrett at The Strand

“Jenn Pelly’s book is not just an illuminating piece of criticism and history about a specific album that has always been mythic and enigmatic to me, but also, more generally, a vital feminist reclamation of what it means to be punk that manages to weave together everything from Helene Cixous to Chris Kraus to 10 Things I Hate About You.” —Matt at Greenlight