P4K           00: Reviewing Fiona Apple‘s Fetch the Bolt Cutters
P4K           01: Meet Shameika Stepney, Inspiration to Fiona on FTBC
P4K           02: Enya Is Everywhere
P4K           03: Jenny Lewis Escapes the Void
NYT           04: Angel Deradoorian profile
WaPo          05: Wendy Eisenberg finds meaning in complexity
T Mag         06: Seth Bogart “Library Fantasy” profile
T Mag         07: Q&A w painter Caroline Kent
P4K           08: On Carole King’s Tapestry
NYT           09: Twinterview with Tegan and Sara
Guardian      10: Kim Gordon in L.A.
LAT           11: Lucinda Williams interview
LAT           12: At home with Sheryl Crow
Guardian      13: Ronnie Spector interview
P4K           14: On Bjork‘s Post
NYT           15: Desolation Center film

              essays & reporting
Recluse       01: Floating — On Joni Mitchell + Frank Ocean
P4K           02: The Radical Self-Respect of Fiona Apple’s “Sleep to Dream”    
P4K           03: Unraveling the Sexism of Emo’s Third Wave
P4K           04: How Bikini Kill Got Back Together        
P4K           05: The Year in Punk 2015   
P4K           06: Notes From the End of Silent Barn
Guardian      07: RIP Warped Tour      
P4K           08: The Buddhist Heart of Arthur Russell’s Archives 
P4K           09: Reckoning With Pinegrove
NPR           10: Hayley Williams Is the 21st Century’s Pop-Punk Prophet

              album reviews
Pitchfork     01: Anohni, Hopelessness              
Pitchfork     02: Bikini Kill, The Singles
Pitchfork     03: Julia Holter, Aviary
Pitchfork     04: Lingua Ignota, Caligula
Pitchfork     05: Sleater-Kinney, Start Together          
Pitchfork     06: Lucinda Williams, Car Wheels On a Gravel Road
Pitchfork     07: Nirvana, Incesticide
Pitchfork     08: Lana Del Rey, Norman Fucking Rockwell
Pitchfork     09: Julie Byrne, Not Even Happiness  
Pitchfork     10: Sonic Youth, EVOL
Pitchfork     11: Arthur Russell, Iowa Dream
Pitchfork     12: Total Control, Laughing at the System 
Pitchfork     13: Fiona Apple, Tidal          
Pitchfork     14: Angel Olsen, My Woman  
Pitchfork     15: X-Ray Spex, Germfree Adolescents       
Pitchfork     16: Jenny Hval, Blood Bitch 
Pitchfork     17: Alice Coltrane, World Spirituality Classics
Pitchfork     18: K.A. Smith and Suzanne Ciani, Sunergy
Pitchfork     19: Vivien Goldman, Resolutionary Songs
Pitchfork     20: Frankie Cosmos, Vessel

              interviews & profiles
Pitchfork     01: Jenny Hval    
Pitchfork     02: Moor Mother
Pitchfork     03: Carrie Brownstein
P4K           04: Kathleen Hanna  
Pitchfork     05: Courtney Love   
Pitchfork     06: Kim Gordon
Pitchfork     07: Nadya Tolokno
Pitchfork     08: Zola Jesus
TCI           09: Rachel Aggs
Believer      10: Brontez Purnell
Pitchfork     11: Jay Som
Pitchfork     12: Frankie Cosmos
Pitchfork     13: Snail Mail                     
LAT           14: Jack Antonoff
Pitchfork     15: Emel Mathlouthi          

              misc favs
Pitchfork     00: Archive   
Bandcamp      01: Riot Grrrl Crate Digging
VF            02: Building a Mystery: Oral History of Lilith Fair
NPR           03: Angel Olsen Master of Solitude
TCI           04: Jess Scott interview
LAT           05: Liz Phair book review
Pitchfork     06: The Story of Majical Cloudz
Pitchfork     07: Why Vivian Girls Mattered
Pitchfork     08: 20th Century Women interview
The Media     09: Q&A with Greil Marcus