P4K           00: Jenny Lewis Escapes the Void
P4K           01: On Lucinda Williams‘s Car Wheels on a Gravel Road
P4K           02: On Nirvana’s Incesticide      
LAT           03: At home with Sheryl Crow
P4K           04: How Bikini Kill Got Back Together
P4K           05: Unraveling the Sexism of Emo’s Third Wave          
NYT           06: Twinterview with Tegan and Sara
P4K           07: On Carole King’s Tapestry
Guardian      08: RIP Warped Tour
NYT           09: Desolation Center film
Recluse       10: Floating — w Joni Mitchell + Frank Ocean
P4K           11: On Fiona Apple’s “Sleep to Dream”    
NPR           12: Hayley Williams essay
P4K           13: Arthur Russell/Buddhism          

P4K           Kathleen Hanna On What Bikini Kill Means Now
Guardian      Ronnie Spector invented rock’n’roll
P4k           Review of Arthur Russell’s Iowa Dream
NPR           Angel Olsen Master of Solitude
Guardian      Kim Gordon in L.A.
LAT           Liz Phair book review
LAT           Jack Antonoff Grammys interview
P4K           Oso Oso’s Enlightened Emo
VF            Building a Mystery: Oral History of Lilith Fair
Pitchfork     05: Review of LDR’s Norman Fucking Rockwell
Pitchfork     01: Anohni, Hopelessness              
Pitchfork     02: Bikini Kill, The Singles
Pitchfork     03: Julia Holter, Aviary
Pitchfork     04: Sleater-Kinney, Start Together          
Pitchfork     05: Julie Byrne, Not Even Happiness  
Pitchfork     06: Sonic Youth, EVOL
Pitchfork     07: Iceage, Beyondless              
Pitchfork     08: Total Control, Laughing at the System 
Pitchfork     09: Fiona Apple, Tidal          
Pitchfork     10: Angel Olsen, My Woman  
Pitchfork     11: X-Ray Spex, Germfree Adolescents       
Pitchfork     12: Jenny Hval, Blood Bitch 
Pitchfork     13: Alice Coltrane, World Spirituality Classics
Pitchfork     14: K.A. Smith and Suzanne Ciani, Sunergy
Pitchfork     15: Vivien Goldman, Resolutionary Songs
Pitchfork     16: Frankie Cosmos, Vessel
Pitchfork     17: H.C. Mcentire, Lionheart
Pitchfork     18: Phew, Voice Hardcore
Pitchfork     19: Kehlani, While We Wait
Pitchfork     20: Rainer Maria, Look Now Look Again

              interviews & profiles
Pitchfork     00: Jenny Hval    
Pitchfork     01: Moor Mother
Pitchfork     02: Carrie Brownstein
Pitchfork     03: Snail Mail                     
Pitchfork     04: Nadya Tolokno
Pitchfork     05: Courtney Love    
Pitchfork     06: Frankie Cosmos
Pitchfork     07: Emel Mathlouthi          
Pitchfork     08: Jay Som
Pitchfork     09: Zola Jesus
Pitchfork     10: Kim Gordon

              misc. favs
Pitchfork     00: Archive  
Bandcamp      01: Riot Grrrl Crate Digging
TCI           03: Jess Scott interview
Pitchfork     05: The Story of Majical Cloudz
Pitchfork     06: The Year in Punk 2015                      
Pitchfork     07: Notes From the End of Silent Barn
Pitchfork     08: Why Vivian Girls Mattered
Pitchfork     09: 20th Century Women
The Media     10: Q&A with Greil Marcus