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  → Nothing Feels Natural: Interviews in 2016
    ROUGH TRADE EDITIONS No.8 Nothing Feels
is an abridged edition of the
    zine that originally accompanied Priests’
    debut LP of the same name in 2017. It
    features a series of interviews conducted
    with the band by journalist Jenn Pelly in
    Washington, DC during the first days of
    November 2016. Published by Rough Trade
    Books in June of 2018.

   Hidden Eye

    Hidden Eye is a small arts magazine founded
    in 2014. Issue Zero was a collaboration b/w
    Jenn Pelly, Carson Cox (Merchandise), Trip
    Warner (Wharf Cat Records), and Jason Vachula
    (Psychic Blood). It features long interviews
    with visual artists Emma Kohlmann and Shawn
    Reed (Night-People Records), and original
    writing and collage art, among other things.


    Cryptophasia was once a zine and is now a
    home spanning many platforms by me & Liz.